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In order to slow and reverse the effect of climate change we evidently need to transition away from the carbon based economy. Electrification and locally storing energy using batteries is a key part of the puzzle.

Electric Vehicles

The Global EV Market is about ~$38B & is growing at 20%CAGR. But the current available battery can't cater to the need of the future technology. Gegadyne Energy’s Batteries can be used across varied Industry applications. With faster charging time and longer cycle life, our batteries are a direct replacement for conventionally available battery technology.


Consumer electronics

Consumer Electronics

As cellular phones and consumer devices gets smarter by the day they have an inherent weakness – a dismal battery life that often requires hours long charge time very often.

Through our patent technology, Gegadyne Energy’s Batteries deliver Quick Charging -under 15 minutes for 0-100% with increased energy density all of this while being a direct plug and play solution for the existing device.

Consumer electronics

Grid Storage

Modern electric grids use a technique called AGC or automatic grid control to balance generation and loads. In this scheme when a large load is added to a grid the frequency initially falls and synchronous motors, including those in common wall clocks all slow down slightly. This drop in frequency is the control signal used by all generators on the grid to quickly increase power to meet that load and restore grid frequency, while never noticing your wall clock was not keeping steady time. Because the load response needs a lot of power very quickly, but only a duration long enough to bring new generation on-line, Gegadyne Energy's technology proves successful for this application.


Consumer electronics


Telecom tower companies are increasingly installing lithium-ion batteries for uninterrupted power supplies to their towers. Batteries are used to store and supply electricity to telecom towers when grid power fails. When battery life is longer, the need for towers to depend on costly diesel-fuelled generators (DG) becomes lesser. Gegadyne Energy’s Batteries have more than *10X* the Cycle Life of traditional *lithium ion* batteries and thus help cut cost considerably. Energy costs account for a third of network operating expenses for tower companies, and reducing it would help them improve profitability.

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